Pavla Pohanková

Pavla is a student of the bachelor’s program in International relations and diplomacy. She has always been fascinated by the ideas and principles of the EU, and her interest has deepened even more after visiting the European Parliament and the occasions of personal meetings with several MEPs. In recent years, she has taken part in several discussions as well as competitions, which, thanks to their aim, have helped her gain a more objective view of the functioning of the European Union. European Horizons, as an opportunity to remain actively in the field, also played a role in her selection of the university. She emphasizes especially the idea of ​​deepening external relations with non-member countries, even outside the European continent. She believes that unity is needed as a powerful aspect that can positively influence many current issues in this world.

She prefers to spend her free time in nature, she never refuses the possibility of traveling or volunteering, she likes collective sports or reading books of various genres. The biggest priorities for her are family and close friends.