The Prague chapter of European Horizons follows tradition and in October organized the third cross-chapter workshop. Our guests, members of chapters in Saarbrücken, Bath, Wien and Illinois, had the uneasy job of discussing one of the most important issues with the big impact on future of the European Union, the future of euro and the eurozone. They were preparing for the workshop weeks ahead and after arriving in Prague had the opportunity to present their findings and proposals to students of European integration. Following discussions and suggestions from students, our guests worked on their final proposals, which they introduced during evening workshop to the students of the University of Economics and also the vice-dean of Faculty of International Relations, Mr Hnát, and where they were welcomed by the dean of our Faculty, Mr Taušer.

We´d like to thank everyone for their efforts, great job and new ideas and look forward to the next meetings and events.

Below you can look through a selection of photos from the event.

© Kristina Chlebakova