We all look forward to the new year and the opportunities, surprises, great events and new friends it will bring to us. But 2018 was an excellent year for our chapter, too. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at all the important moments of this year for our chapter.

In March, we once again welcomed members of various chapters in Prague for our II. Cross-Chapter Workshop. Together with guests from Vienna, Berlin, Bath, Toulouse and Barcelona, we discussed the integrative and disintegrative aspects of the EU. Only a few days later, our two members – Kateřina Hošková and Martin Vokálek – travelled all the way to the US to attend the European Student Conference 2018, which took place at Yale University. They met with guests from our Cross-Chapter Workshops, made a lot of new friends, attended workshops and worked on policy proposals on National Sovereignty and Security.

In May, we welcomed at our university EU Commissioner Věra Jourová, with whom we discussed the phenomenon of fake news and data leaks from social media. We also talked about the importance of personal data protection.

In June, Jana Stehlíková, Kateřina Hošková and Ksenia Sandryukhina represented our chapter at the European Youth Event 2018 in Strasbourg and had the opportunity to experience great things that young and motivated people can achieve.

October found us continuing our tradition of Cross-Chapter Workshops – the third edition focused on the future of the euro and the eurozone and saw us welcoming members of chapters from Bath, Vienna, Saarbrücken and Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

In November, we focused on the future and organised a pane

l discussion on how to get an internship or job in EU institutions. Thanks to our Martin Vokálek as the host and guest speakers – past interns of the Commission and Parliament and one of our professors, expert on EPSO tests – the evening was a great success that gave the participants and us much advice on how to proceed with our futures, should we want to influence EU policies from within.

These are just a couple of the most memorable moments of this year. Our members got exciting jobs, continued writing about current topics, managed to be full members of our European Horizons chapter even when away on Erasmus or doing internships. Two new chapter members also joined us, Kristína Chlebáková and Milan Kalců.

Moreover, we continued building European Horizons network beyond our chapter: our co-founder, past president and Dictator Emeritus (as she says) Jana Stehlíková joined the European Horizons board as Co-Executive Director. Our current President Kateřina Hošková will start in 2019 as the new Regional Coordinator. And one of our new members, Kristína Chlebáková, will take on the role of Social Media Manager later in January.

It was a fantastic year and we are glad for every single moment, memory, experience and a new friend we made. We happily await 2019 and hope you, too. Happy New Year!