European Horizons

The idea of European Horizons, a US-based, non-partisan think-tank, was born in 2015 when American students noticed an interesting fact about their fellow European students. In Europe, they primarily felt to be members of their nation, but this distinction ceased to exist in the US and the European students have become united Europeans. This initial remark became the driver of an extensive discussion about the definition of “Europeanism”, the influence of the European Union on this notion, the effect of European integration on EU citizens, and about the outcome of the integration.

To answer the questions regarding the European Union as well as the possibility of deepening the transatlantic cooperation, the think-tank has decided to connect academia, public and private spheres and regularly organise conferences and debates on the EU issues. Up to this date, over 50 Chapters have been established at leading US and European universities.

The first and only Czech Chapter was founded at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague in April 2017. The Czech Chapter aims to interconnect the spheres mentioned above through debates, by promoting the exchange of opinions and visions on the future of the EU, and by raising awareness about the benefits of the integration as well as by discussing and finding possible solutions to issues which the EU has failed to tackle.