Upcoming IV. Cross-Chapter Workshop 2019

For us, a semester isn’t complete unless there´s a cross-chapter workshop happening. And so we are thrilled to announce that its 4th edition is coming this March.

Our cross-chapter workshops are a unique opportunity for members from different European Horizons chapters to meet and get to know each other, exchange ideas and insights and mainly, come up with new proposals on various issues. You will be working in two separate workgroups in the space of a few weeks prior to and during the workshop, coming up with a policy proposal on a given topic, with the help from a research supervisor from our chapter. You will then have a chance to present and confront your ideas with Czech students, members of the Faculty of International Relations and other policymakers and guests. And what´s more, You will be able to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague!

The topic of this workshop will focus on the European Parliament elections coming in May 2019, as we believe they will have a significant impact on the next development in the EU. We will be specifically focusing on the probability and threats disinformation and foreign interference could pose on the elections, as well as the (mostly unfavourable) perception of the European Parliament in the eyes of smaller Member States, its possible causes and solutions.

We have also prepared a workshop prospectus, which you can find here. We look forward to seeing you in Prague on 23 March!

Apply here.