Dear reader we are thrilled to introduce our newest project to you. Over the course of the semester, we are going to report to you on successful policies of the EU, but also other parts of the world. Concretely, we are posting a brief article on one such policy and its impact every Wednesday. With this series, we want to share our insights into policy making and how it addresses and mitigates different kinds of issues. We hope to encourage students and other readers to engage with policy making, demonstrating how they can positively impact our world and people’s lives.

Every week one of our members will be researching and summarizing the details of a selected policy for you. We launch this series tonight?? by presenting the European Social Fund, the EU’s institution for employment policy. We are also looking forward to hearing your own comments, thoughts, and ideas on our selected policies. You will find all the posts on our social media channels and on our website: EuH  Stay tuned!