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We are currently working on new conferences! Stay tuned!


We are currently working on new events! Stay tuned!

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Dear reader we are thrilled to introduce our newest project to you. Over the course of the semester, we are going to report to you on successful policies of the EU, but also other parts of the world. Concretely, we are posting a brief article on one such policy and its impact every Wednesday.

Successful Policy Series Launch

We bring you our last interview, now with our academic supervisor interview here!

Fourth interview – Josef Bič

In third interview we bring you Jana Stehlíková founding member and first President of European Horizons society interview here!

Third interview – Jana Stehlíková

We are bringing you second interview, now with Kateřina Hošková, former prezident of Czech European chapters at VŠE a now CEO for whole European Horizons interview here!

Second interview – Kateřina Hošková

We are now starting interviews with our former members. The first interviewee is Martin Vokalek who works as deputy director in Europeum Institute for European policy interview here!

First interview – Martin Vokalek

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Our team

Johanka Paťhová


Johanka is a bachelor student of International and Diplomatic Studies, coming from a tiny village in South Bohemia. She has joined European Horizons because she appreciates the idea of „being European“ that connects people in Europe as well as in different continents. Via engagement in European Horizons, Johanka and her amazing team aim to discuss EU affairs not only with Czech students, but also with young people all around the world. She believes that international dialogue leads to mutual understanding and is essential for shaping the future of Europe.

In her free time, Johanka loves being with her family, long-distance walks, listening to political podcasts or singing in the university choir. Besides these activities, she enjoys all kinds of volunteering.

Pavla Pohanková

Vice President

Pavla is a student of the bachelor’s program in International relations and diplomacy. She has always been fascinated by the ideas and principles of the EU, and her interest has deepened even more after visiting the European Parliament and the occasions of personal meetings with several MEPs. In recent years, she has taken part in several discussions as well as competitions, which, thanks to their aim, have helped her gain a more objective view of the functioning of the European Union. European Horizons, as an opportunity to remain actively in the field, also played a role in her selection of the university. She emphasizes especially the idea of ​​deepening external relations with non-member countries, even outside the European continent. She believes that unity is needed as a powerful aspect that can positively influence many current issues in this world.

She prefers to spend her free time in nature, she never refuses the possibility of traveling or volunteering, she likes collective sports or reading books of various genres. The biggest priorities for her are family and close friends.

Tereza Pavliková


Terka is currently studying International Relations and Diplomacy. Therefore, she is very interested in international affairs, especially those within Europe, particularly concerning the European Union and European integration. This is the main reason why she has decided to join the European Horizons. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and getting to know new cultures. She is also an expert of movies and serials as she has dedicated a lot of time to watching them. Besides that, she has regarded herself as a bookworm, since she loves not only novels and fantasy, but also books about self-development, psychology and history.

Ilma Džanko

Head of PR & Communications

Samuel Pelech

Social media & Communications

Samuel is in his 3rd year of Czech Bachelor’s Programme of International Studies and Diplomacy at the Faculty of International Relations. He comes from Slovakia, but currently is doing his Erasmus at Sciences Po Paris.

He is a foreign language enthusiast and is interested in European Integration, mainly the economic aspects. In the European Horizons, he decided to join mainly because of the like-minded people around him that like to discuss current issues of the European Union and the idea of bringing these issues closer to people.

In his free time, he is interested in travelling, arts or just having a good time with friends.

Ida Akerblom

PR & Graphic designer

Ida is a Finnish girl studying a masters of international relations and diplomacy, who has been living around Europe during the last years. Her interests are in the field of individual country identities and their effect on EU policy making. She believes that even though the outlook of the EU seems uncertain for some, the future of the geographical area is embedded in the cooperation of the Union. She enjoys especially working with students to uncover new solutions and networking with the future leaders of the world. 

In her free time Ida likes exploring the beautiful Prague, travelling, wine, exploring new flavors,yoga, hiking, dogs and so on…

Jiří Mládek


Jirka is in the fourth (sadly) year of his studies of National Economy at the Faculty of Economics. His interests naturally lie in economics, especially the economy of state.

He decided to join European Horizons because of the fact that many economic questions of today are addressed by the European Union and are connected to the European policies, such as the green policy, agriculture, or the future of the European monetary union. Even though he doesn’t always agrees with the solutions or how the problem is handled, he still follows EU as one on the most important organisation in today’s world.

He considers the United Kingdom to be his “role model” country so he spent his Erasmus programme in London. In his free time he enjoys automobilism, playing chess and having discussions about economic policy.

Aneta Davidová

Head of Events

Aneta is a bachelor’s student of International Business from Czech Republic. Originally, she is from Pilsen, but now she lives in Prague. She has been interested in the EU since High school, and membership in European Horizons has supported her opinion on how crucial it is to be a part of this Union. 

Aneta enjoys the student community and doing various events for students. 

She is a strong coffee person, so most of her free time you can find her in some Prague cafés.

Lara Tatay

Event Manager

Lara is currently a Bachelor’s student at the International Business program. She is from Bratislava, Slovakia, however her roots go all the way to New Delhi, India. In the past she attended several Model United Nations and organized one in her home country where she realized her passion for event organization and conflict resolution. After finding out about EuH through Instagram she reached out to us and is currently a part of the organization team. In her free time she enjoys listening to podcasts such as ‘’Stuff you should know’’ and watching The Office on Netflix. 

Batu Attila

Head of HR

Batu is a Bachelor’s student of International Business from Turkey. Even though he is not a ‘European’, he is interested in matters which concern the EU, and his curiosity has deepened after travelling to some parts of Europe. He joined European Horizons because he believes that Generation Z has the capability to change the future and the world, so he wants to have a finger in the pie!

Batu loves to do picnics in the hills, listen to techno music, and try every culture’s cuisine.

Vishal Yadav

Head of policy

Alexandra Stolbunsky

Policy & Research

Alexandra is a bachelor’s student of international business from Israel. Having lived in Europe for 9 years, she has a deep interest in creating an environment that is fair and good to live in. Coming from a family of educators, she’s passionate about bringing politics and official conflict resolution closer to the younger generation without creating an educational wall that would make the topics accessible to only a few. She especially enjoys creating spaces for conversation and discussion about the Middle East, and has an interest in the sustainability of business.

In her free time Sasha enjoys reading, playing volleyball, going on hikes around the Czech Republic and close-by countries, lake swimming, and spending time with her loved ones.


Jana Stehlíková

Jana is the founding member and heart of the Prague chapter of European Horizons. She familiarised herself with the idea of European Horizons during her Erasmus programme in Paris at Paris’s Sciences Po and co-founded the first Czech Chapter in April 2017.  Ever since she has been tirelessly engaged in the activities of the association and put her effort into its further development and expansion. She is especially proud of setting the tradition of cross-chapter workshops, the project coordinated with other regional chapters of the think-tank. From November 2018 until May 2019, Jana also served as Co-Executive Director of the European Horizons’ Executive Board.

Apart from European Horizons, you can also meet Jana as a PhD student from the Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies. In her studies, she focuses on EU affairs in the context of cyberspace and new technologies’ impact on society and international relations, especially on disinformation and data protection. You might also meet her as a teaching assistant in International Relations, Europe in International Relations, Globalisation in International Relations and Internal and External Security of the EU. In addition to that, Jana also works as an International Degree Programmes Coordinator in the International Office at the University of Economics, Prague. May you get the impression our list of her university’s activities is not exhaustive yet, let us just add that Jana is also a senator of the Academic Senate.

Jana personally sees herself as an enthusiastic dreamer of mutual respect and endless fighter for democratic values. For others she might look like a madwoman at first and second glance until you get used to her speed of thoughts and speech (which is surprisingly the same in Czech, English and German). But everyone appreciates her reliability and readiness to stand up for anyone who needs it and work hard and tirelessly on what she truly believes in.


Kateřina Hošková
Kristína Chlebáková

Every president who ever lead this club