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23-26 March IV. Cross-Chapter Workshop 2019

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We are very glad to announce that 4th cross-chapter workshop is coming. We have prepared a workshop prospectus which you can find here. We look forward to seeing You in Prague on 23 March!


Fourth cross-chapter workshop

We wish you Happy New Year, find the look back at the year 2018 below!


Our 2018 in a few words

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At the end of November, we organized a discussion on how to get an internship or job in the EU institutions.

Internships and job opportunities in the EU institutions

The Prague chapter of European Horizons follows tradition and on 8th October 2018 organized the third cross-chapter workshop.

Third cross-chapter workshop

On Thursday, 10 May 2018, students of the University of Economics, Prague had an opportunity to join a discussion with Commissioner Věra Jourová on The fake news phenomenon and data leaks from social networks.

Discussion with Commissioner Věra Jourová

Our team

Kateřina Hošková


The youngest addition to the Prague Chapter, a student of International Business, an English-taught undergraduate degree. She joined European Horizons at the end of her first year of studies. She holds the position of Project Manager, she is responsible for organising the already legendary Prague workshops and student discussions; she is unofficially responsible for English proofreading – just as for the Student PR Team at FIR. She is an Anglophile, an avid fan of Chopin, Polish, tennis, and passionate debates with a dash of interdisciplinarity.   

Martin Vokálek


A postgraduate student of International and Diplomatic Studies for more than a half of decade, a member of the Academic Senate of the University of Economics, Prague, a former vice-chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of International Relations, the Office & Project Manager at the Institute for European policy EUROPEUM, a hitchhiker, a forever amateur volleyball player and last but not least, the representative of our great president – if it is exceptionally needed. He would be glad if  there would be something meaningful to remain after he (hopefully successfully) graduates.

Jana Stehlíková


A Master of International and Diplomatic Studies, a PhD student at the Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies and the President of the Chapter. She familiarised herself with the idea of European Horizons during her Erasmus programme in Paris and, together with other enthusiasts, decided to establish the first Czech Chapter in the spring of 2017. Although she might look like a madwoman at first and second glance, everyone knows that she will use all the fervour to solve problems or stand by every member. If she has some spare time, she is probably reading a book or enjoying an evening out with her friends or colleagues from the International Office of the University of Economics, Prague where she currently works. In Autumn 2018, Jana will also join the Executive Board of European Horizons and serve as the Co-Executive Director. 

Kateřina Bambásková


A postgraduate student of European Integration with a minor specialisation in Commercial Communication. She predominantly takes care of our email communication and other administration. She does not need to get a word in discussions, but she enjoys listening to others, finding new information and looking for connections. She has been a successful clogging dancer since her childhood, later an instructor and choreographer, a winner of several Czech championships. Apart from dancing, she also loves geography and maps, playing volleyball, travelling and singing.

Michaela Janošková

Financial manager

A postgraduate student of European Integration in her last year of studies who, unlike others, does not fall to Euroscepticism. Therefore, she was excited by the idea of European Horizons from the very beginning. She is mainly in charge of finance. Although she is not chatty, she is a great listener and an observer with apt remarks. Apart from her studies and a job in an international company, she tries to find some time to unwind and goes to fit-box or jumping classes.

Kateřina Vencbauerová

PR manager

A postgraduate student of European Integration who is prolonging her studies for a few months to continue engaging in the marketing and PR activities of the Chapter. She is an avid fan of food, sleep, old movies, puppies and kittens. She is pleased that she will leave at least a minute footprint in the form of European Horizons at her beloved alma mater.

Jana Kleščová

PR manager

A fresh Master of European Integration. After a semester in the USA, she has realised that we should appreciate education and all the possibilities it offers more. She found the idea of European Horizons thrilling from the beginning, and although it was her last semester at university, she decided to give help with the establishment of the Chapter. She is working full-time and is in charge of PR of the Chapter in her free time. She is interested in international security, disinformation and fake news, likes doing sports actively and passively, culture and hanging out with friends.

Josef Bič

Academic advisor

The expert advisor and an irreplaceable member of the Chapter without whose positive attitude the Chapter would not see the light of day! He is also a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations (International Business / European Integration) where he now works as an assistant professor with a focus on the economic policies of the EU member states, their economic development, and the EU policies.

Lucie Bartošková

Chief Editor

Ksenia Sandryukhina

Operating Officer

A postgraduate student of International Politics and Diplomacy with a minor specialization in Economic Diplomacy. She is fascinated by her studies and in her future career she intends to look for holistic approaches to solving problems. Her main areas of interest include the position of Russia in the international system and its relations with the main great powers, EU-Russia relations in political, economic and security dimensions. From her viewpoint the main goal in life is to achieve self-realization and harmony.

Our 2018 in a few words

We all look forward to the new year and the opportunities, surprises, great events and new friends it will bring to us. But 2018 was an excellent year for our chapter, too. Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at all the important moments of this year for our chapter.

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